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I attempted to export my Gramps database to Geneanet using the gedcom format. Everything seems to be going well and, using Geneanet Upload, I also managed to export and link the images automatically. However, the problem is linked to places that are not recognized in spite of the fact that most of them are indicated in the form “city - province - region - nation” and are complete with geographical coordinates. What could be the problem?
Thanks to those who want to answer me.

Do you use GedcomForGeneanet addon? I regulary upload gedcom on Geneanet with places with this format, even with street number, street and other place elements and it’s fine for me. I use Geneanet Upload too after exportingdata with GedcomForGeneanet.

PS: do you know gramps’ geneanet forum?

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Thanks for the reply. I tried to install your plugin by unpacking it in / .gramps / gramp42 / plugins / but I don’t see it in the tools or in the export section. I use Gramps 5.1.1 and I would not like to have installed a too recent version (1.6.5). Or maybe I have some dependency problems (Linux Mint 19.3). But I’m getting lost …

If you are using 5.1.1 you would need to unpack it in / gramps / gramps51 / plugins

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Thanks and sorry for my ignorance

We are all in learning mode. Ask about anything causing you headaches.

You’ll likely get suggestions with several approaches. Gramps supports many ways of doing most things. So being open to new ideas & not taking offense when there is opposition to an approach will give you the most problem solving options.

Ignorance is overcome by asking questions.

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