Addon Mangled my 5.2 place hierarchy

I tried using the Addon:Extract Place Data from a Place Title 3 times on a Tree in 5.2 and suddenly my Place Hierarchy was mangled.

The extractions were from a place title in Canada, one in Hew Hampshire (US) and one in Connecticut (US).

(Suddenly, the 50 US states were under the “Northern Mariana Islands, _Territories, USA, North America”. And the places under Connecticut and New Hampshire were scattered under different enclosing places.)

Is there a way to drop all the Enclosing Places off the tree and overwrite with the enclosing places from a backup?

@Nick-Hall, can you demote that addon from 5.2 temporarily?

I am going to try replacing the Place XML chunk of the corrupted Tree’s backup with that chunk from the earlier backup… plus the 3 new places.

What about a permanent ban?

It would be unforunate to permanently ban such a useful tool… when it works. Although it would be more controllable if it could be limited to small selection of Place Titles.

When …

It doesn’t work, because the logic is hard coded and limited to a few countries. It also has a very limited idea of elements that you can find in a hierarchy.

Problems that I find here are that it always assumes that NH is New Hampshire, and UT is Utah, even though the former means Noord-Holland here, and the latter is Utrecht.

The Place Update Gramplet does a much better job, because it doesn’t assume anything, and just splits the title by commas, or spaces, and can do that in reverse order too.

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True. I discovered the tool only likes the US … and only city, State, Nation; at that. (Maybe that Canada place title caused the mangling?)

Does the Data Entry gramplet handle that any more accurately?

I never tried that, so I have no idea whether it does any parsing for the place data.

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OK. That worked.

I had a couple dozen places that came in as “Unknown” and needed to be re-entered. But that was MUCH more straightforward than fixing the hierarchy.