Reduce people shown on quilt view


I cannot reproduce the kind of results on (on my own database) because my whole tree is shown (no black/opaque area).

Maybe I have not understood something but how please can I filter people shown on my quilt chart?
I can only filter the input to select a person in the search bar…

Documentation says:

On the label string, you have three values :

  1. The first one is the number of the selected persons. The lower this number is, the smaller will be the list.
  2. The second one is the number of people show on the tree. This number depends on the active person.
  3. The third and last is the number of people in the current database.

…but the same number of people is shown whether I change the active person (or even the root person).

Any idea please? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

NB: Gramps 5.1.2 on Debian 10

To the left of the message, you have two fields. The first one is a text entry field where you type the name whose tree you want to see. The second one is the clear button to clear the first input field.
Quiltview displays all the ancestors and descendants of the chosen person.
With the first field, if you type for example “louis” and you have 20 louis in your database, you will see that you have 20 people filtered. This is a list of people. You select from these 20 “louis” the one you want to see.

Thanks for your answer.

For me, you explain mainly item1 of the documentation, not 2.

I understand that you can filter the list via the text entry field (item1). That works.
However, the tree shown remains the same whatever the people one selects. Only the paths are different.

I thought the tree could be reduced depending on one’s choice or “active person” then the black area on the picture and the specific label “X people shown on the tree”. Am I wrong?

The chosen person is the active person.
Quiltview is normaly used for large trees and all people related to the active person must be shown.
Please, read GeneaQuilts

If you think we must limit the descendants and ancestors, make a feature request for that.

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Yes, the implementation in Geneaquilts has a number of navigation and filtering features that make it more useful even when unfiltered. Skip ahead to 1:50 in the video see them. You might mention those in your feature request. The IEEE article linked there is also helpful.

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Thanks for the link.

Yes, I like the different features :slight_smile:

Initially, I was speaking about what is called filtering in the video at 4:20.

Are we ok that it’s not implemented yet and I need to fill in a feature request for that?
But if so, why documentation talks about a feature that doesn’t exist yet (item2)?
Indeed, whatever my active person is, the “number of people show on the tree” remains the same…

This is because you have only one tree in your database or the people you selected where always in the same tree.

What are you calling “tree” exactly?

I have only one tree/database/file opened because, from my understanding, one can only open one at the same time on Gramps.
Inside this tree, I have some independant branches (i.e. portions of my tree not interconnected with the others). Even when I click on those, the number of “people shown on the tree” remains the same.

NB: In case it matters, I’m running v5.1.2, packaged for Debian, not the last version.

You can have multiple family trees in the same database.
Those families may have no relations between them.

Strange! it works for me.

no problem for this.