Filter on selected person in the people view

Hello all,
My first question on this list.

Is it possible to create a filter on ancestors of, descendants of etc based on the currently selected person in the peoples list?

At the moment you have to select an Id to do this. It would be great if this Id would automatically be filled with the current selected person.

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Eugene Dubois

(Gramps version 5.1.3 on Linux Mint)


Yes, it can be done and I find it very helpful. The problem is that the filter rule only works in the flat People view and not in the Grouped People view so has not been made an automatic installed third party addon.

You can find the code here (and other discussion about it).

Take the two files (, and and place them in your user plugin directory. Your user directory will have a version directory and plugin subfolder (\gramps51\plugins). If you have a folder FilerRules you can put the files there or create the folder.

To actually use the filter, after restarting Gramps, create a filter rule with just this new filter rule in it. Then from the filter you actually want to reference the active person, instead of the rule based upon a static person, set the filter to reference this new active person filter rule. ie Ancestors of <filter> match

Hello Dave,

That’s great!
I think I will be using this a lot.


The rule is now available for install via the normal addon install process. But it only works on Person Tree view with 5.1.3 and newer versions of Gramps. It does work on Person flat view in older versions.

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