Specifying filter rules to only get a specific part of a family tree

Windows 10, Gramps 5.1.3

I have received a rather large gedcom file containing ~12.000 people entries that I partly want to include into my family tree. I have already imported this into a temporary family tree in Gramps to work with.

Starting from one couple, I want to find all their children, and the spouses of those children, but not the spouses’ parents.

I tried "Descendants of ", but that returns 11786 persons while it perhaps should be around 100 or so (seems to be buggy).

Please have a look at the screenshot where I imported the gedcom file into yEd for an overview. On the left hand side you can see which part of the whole diagram is being shown. In the middle, bottom part, you can see some red boxes, the topmost being the couple I want to start with. They don’t have any relationships other than their children.

How should my filter look like?


Is it perhaps returning the people that do NOT match the filter criteria? Can you share a screenshot of the filter, or the portion of the custom_filters.xml file in your user directory?

D’oh! Good catch. I had tested other things with that filter and totally didn’t notice that the checkbox was still set. Problem solved, thanks a lot!

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