How to filter for only one generation of descendants?

May I ask a noob question about filters?

I am trying to filter everybody called Tesmer, their siblings, their spouses and all their ancestors.

Thus, I added two filters.

  1. People with the -> Full family name:=“Tesmer”

2a. Siblings of match
2b. Spouses of match
2c. Ancestors of match

So far this is working fine.

However, now I would like to include one descendant, i.e. just one generation of children not named Tesmer.

If I add this
2d. Descendant family members of match,
I get all of the generations following.

How can I limit this to one generation without touching the other matches?

I am using Gramps 5.1.3 on Manjaro Linux.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Person filter “Children of match” doesn’t do what you want? With “match” equals filter #1 (included in #2) or #2 (in a new #3 filter)

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Just a clarification. You want to add the children of the females named :Tesmer"?

Try this.

2d Children of <filter> match

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Thank you so much, Patrice and Dave! It works like a charm!!!

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