Selecting only one generation of descendents

Good afternon to all. Someone know how can a i filter a specific generation of descendants of one person? i mean, i woul like to have filtered only the 5th generation of a especific person not the 1 to 5 generations
I’am using GRAMPS 5.1.2 on Linux

Did the solution posted to the Gramps for Genealogists Facebook group not work for you?

i follow your steps but i have some peoples from others generations and otrher people from the generatión a was looking i havent, Works partially, I tray others options but i haven’t luck

Try this filter.

I used 2 generations so I could confirm that only myself and my 1st cousins returned in the filter. Should work for any generation.

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There has to be some pattern. You need to identify how the missing & extra people relate to the Progenitor.

(There might be a problem in how those families are connected. The missing people might not be ‘direct descendants’ of that Progenitor. The extras might be blended family.)

Set the Home Person to the Progenitor.

When you select some of the missing (or extra) people, the Statusbar should show the relationship.

Set the Statusbar to show Relationship to home person in the Display tab of Preferences.

Alternatively, you could select the Progenitor and look for the extra people in the Relationship Calculator

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