Filter the tree to dad's or mum's ascendant families?


I think this probably was discussed but I can’t find it, or I just don’t know how to search for it. Please, direct me to that link or if you don’t mind, can you walk me through how to achieve the following.

Idea is to filter the whole family tree to only my mom’s or dad’s ascendant families to print a graphical report using the tool Reports > Graphs > Relationship graph… So I can share with other relatives. So for example I can print only my dad’s ancestors and all known families and all possible individuals. At the same time my mum also is included (but not mums ascendent families) and my wife (but not the ascendant families of my wife) and my kids too. Also, opposite, all the families and all relationships and all individuals that go up from my mum and at the same time my dad also is included and my wife (but not the ascendant families of my wife) and my kids too.

When I know this pattern then I can filter part of the whole family tree to only my wife’s ancestors and all other related individuals.

So I think you got an idea?

I know there are similar results possible to achieve with Reports > Graphs > Relationship graph… >> Filter: Descendant Families of [oldest anscestor]. But this option crops out too much and not all related individuals are included.

Thank you in advance.

You will want to do some experimenting with Custom Filters.

The Ancestor of <person> Ancestor filter rule and Descendant of <person> Descendant filter rule filter would give you the basic hourglass shape of direct genetic inheritance.

By feeding the results of that filter into a custom filter with the People who are part of families matching <filter> add-on rule, you can grow the selection to include all the immediate family members: spouses, parents, siblings, offspring.

If you intend to use the subset a lot, create a new Tag and Tag them en masse using the Add/Remove Tag Tool add-on. Filtering on Tags will allow the GUI to be MUCH faster than if you continually apply a cascade multi-stage Custom Filters.


As emyoulation points out, filters will probably do what you want here. One option is to use two filters:

  • filter1: descendant family members of person
  • filter2: (2 rules) all persons in filter1, spouses of people in filter1

Then create the relationship graph using filter 2.

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