Filters in Graphical View

Can filters be usefull in the Graphical View ?

I’ve tried some but it changes nothing.

I’ve read that question on Heredis (they are looking to display the ancestors tree of someone and some of its selected descendants) and I am trying to do it on Gramps but I can’t do it with filters. Is there a way to do this in Gramps? (It looks like they can’t on Heredis either)

This doesn’t answer the questions of ‘how to’ or ‘if possible’, but I am curious where eliminating Descendants from a chart would be useful?

Explaining the purpose might pique the interest of a developer.

I’ve often wanted to filter Ancestors… mostly to show lines of pedigree collapse or the direct line to a particular ancestor. (I often have to hand trim the output from the Pedigree Gramplet.)

I don’t know why this tweet but I can imagine some answers:

  • don’t show living people
  • eliminate people with no already found proof
  • view a particular line
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The first hint that most Graph views cannot be filtered is that the Filter is not a default sidebar app. And the menu >> Edit >> Edit Person Filter is not available.

The Quilt Chart has filtering.

The Pedigree, H-Tree Pedigree and the Timeline Pedigree have the menu options to add/edit people filters but the sidebar does not have Filter as a default standard. When adding the Filter app, it does not do any filtering. I tried filtering out my father with nothing happening.

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