Filters not working in the graph view

I am trying to use filters in the graph view but they don’t seem to have any effects in the graph view, although they do work perfectly fine in the people tab and in the fan chart. If this feature is unavailable, I would at least like to be able to filter in the exported version of the graph view (for example, only show the paternal part in relation to the home person for the entire tree)

The Charts view category is one of the few without a Filter Gramplet.

You’re right. It would be nice to be able to generate filtered Charts of all kinds… not just the Graph View mode.

Although there would be an ambiguity to be handled if the Active Person or Home Person were required for the view mode but was filtered out. It’d need a fallback functionality.

It’s a poor workaround, but you can use your filter to export the desired subset of data and then import it into a new tree for purposes of creating the charts.

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