Filters are great! Why don't all reports use them?

A bit of filter magic can do so much…

I created filters for all close relatives, male descendants, children and spouses of current person (name genealogy), relationship paths etc…

But, most reports don’t filter… Which is a real shame. Do I really first need to export a smaller subset of my family tree, then import it in a new tree, to be able to create those reports the way I want them?

Eugène Dubois

I am using gramps 5.1.3 on Linux mint

Most reports are built to satisfy a specific need for a user. And since reports are often a first foray into hacking Gramps, they generally start simplistic in design with few options. The options that tend to be targeted first are things that CANNOT be done with a simple workaround… like a filtered export.

That’s why filters tend to be bolted on later.

It seems like documenting how to add a filter option to an existing report would be a lovely expansion page to the “Adapt a built-in Report” wiki article. Right now it is just an unvalidated shell about about how to properly fork a built-in report so that you can experiment.

But an article about how to add a filter option would make it a USEFUL set of documentation. And along with adding a Sorting option article, it might get a some people playing with improving our reports.

Both articles are beyond my Python experience levels.

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Which reports do you expect to find filtering that do not have the option?

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Most reports really… For example descendants. Sometimes you just want to run a subset…
For example family members with the same surname…

That report name doesn’t sound familiar. Since you’re in the Netherlands, maybe you’re looking at a Dutch translation? Help us find the same example in English.

Add-on reports:

  • Heatmap
  • Media Report
  • Double Cousin
  • Database Differences Report
  • Descendant Book
  • Detailed Descendant Book
  • Descendants Lines
  • Dynamic Web Report
  • Family Sheet
  • Family Tree
  • Grandparent Tree Report
  • Information Graph
  • Lines of Descendency Report
  • Pedigree Chart
  • PersonEverything Report
  • Sources and Citations Report
  • Tiny Tafel (Liste éclair)
  • Repositories Report
  • Todo Report

Hi Brian,

Sorry I wasn’t very clear. That’s a filter I have created…
Those are all descendants from the same male, with spouses and children added.

I would like to apply that filter to the descendants reports. That way I should get some kind of family name genealogy.

Btw… The relationship graph works great with this filter! Although people are a bit in a random order.

Ok. Thanks for that clarification that “family members with the same surname” is a custom filter you have created.

But help us find a specific Report where you want to apply this filter but where that option does not exist.

Was it “6.3 Descendant Tree”, “6.4 Family Descendant Tree”, “7.5 Descendant Report”, “7.7 Detailed Descendant Report”? Or maybe one of the four add-on reports related to “Descendant”?

7.7 The detailed descendant Report would be very nice!

But I think it could be useful in nearly every report.
I don’t know much about the programming of Gramps, but I can imagine it could be a good addition in a general reports framework.

You could create a .gramps (xml) export using one of your filters and then create a temp database to import the file. Then you can run a report that is restricted to the people you want.

Maybe not ideal but it is a way to get the reports that you want/need.

That is what I have been doing up to now :slight_smile: !
Just seems a shame, filters is one of the very strong points of gramps. Just not used to its full potential.

There is no such Gramps framework like Microsoft Report Builder. There is an API.

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