How to add a filter to a report

Hi all,
I’m getting back to my earlier subject:

Filters are great. Why don’t all reports use them

Recently I have been trying out Python, and in the meantime have changed a report, so it shows all the information the way I like it.
Now I would love to be able to apply a filter to it. Is there a description or a “how to” anywhere?
Or maybe someone could point me in the right direction?

My simple thought is that a filter creates a subset, and the report runs against this subset… Probably it is much more complicated than that, but I would love to learn…


For an example, have a look at the Complete Individual report. Firstly, you have to add the filter as a report option. You can see this here in the IndivCompleteOptions class, but associated with the filter option is a centre person option for the report and a couple of support functions.

Using the filter is much simpler. You can see here that you can simply apply the filter to a list of people to obtain a filtered list.

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