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Hi, i’m looking to generate a PDF using a filter so that I can print off living descendants of a particular person. From what I can see, the reports tool doesn’t allow you to apply a filter. I guess i’m trying to use the wrong tool!

Also, i’m trying to get to grips with the Geography tool - I think it might need something done before it will work?

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Some of the Reports support filters… other do not.

You can always apply the filter when exporting your Tree. Then import that data into a new Tree. Printing from that Tree will give you the equivalent of filtered reports without having to carefully configure a Filter for … every … darn … Report.

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Which (of the many) reports were you trying to use?

What OS are you using ?
Did you add coordinates to your places ?

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Not having GPS coordinates is usually what causes my maps to skip showing pushpins on the maps or incorrectly set the map focus & scale.

I wish that the feature had an approximation inheritance option for null coordinates. Places without coordinates in a hierarchical Tree could add a (slightly offset & differently colored) pushpin of the hierarchically closest Place with a defined GPS coordinate.

Or perhaps it could use a preset coordinate for the Null set? Then I could force pins to the Bermuda Triangle… or some other geographically pithy place.

At least I’d see that I need to fix that Event’s Place coordinates.


When you are on the graphical view (the geography places), you can add coordinates to your places.

See the following url to add or link a place to an GPS location:


I have done now, yes, and this seems to work to some extent. It seems that the ability to show your Ancestors on the map is missing though. You can only show someone’s Descendants on there.

Thanks ever so much - your link helped me lots with getting this sorted!

I’m seeing people in the sea when I have the coordinates wrong!

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