Generating a report

My operating system is MacOS BigSur 11.6.1 and I’m using Gramps 5.1.3
When using the report for Family Descendant Report I did something to change the presets for the program. I’m not great at computers so I will describe my problem. Normally when I go to create a report I make my report selections from the family tree. Example Family descendant report. A family descendant tree report box will pop up showing Report for person selected , number of generations and level of spouse. Originally with the program preset when I clicked on the Ok tab it would bring up another box with print, preview , pinter selection '. This box no longer comes up. What I get now is a box with File already exists -gramps. Previous if I selected print to file the pdf would show up in documents. Of course I can no longer do this. If anyone knows the solution to my problem I would be grateful. If you need more clarification I will do my best.

Hello and welcome! Yes, it seems that even if you select “Output format: Print…” it still wants to save the results in a file. You can chose to let it overwrite the file or cancel and enter a new file name.

Thanks for your reply.

Previously when I wanted to send a new report to documents it would overwrite the file unless I gave it another name.

Also I do not get the box with the option to print to a printer or print to a file.


You were correct the file input needs to be in print. Upon reuse it deferes to overwriting the old file.

Thanks for all your help


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