Reports settings reloading

From time to time I generate a report with given selection of people, layout, etc. Later I have only the nice printed pdf, but forget how I had set the parameters.
Would be nice to have a button in the reports to save and reload the parameters.

Have you tried saving a “Book” with that report?

As @emyoulation posted, use Books. But instead of setting up the book with various other reports and features just include the one report you want. The advantage is that the settings you use for that report can be saved. And you can set up different versions of the same book with different settings.

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Thanks both. Have not used this yet. It works. But cannot use it for family lines graph, seems to be.

Yes, the Family Lines plugin generates a .dot format as an intermediary file format. It looks like the contributor expected that each graph would require some touchup to make it ready for publication. To get the graph into GIF, dot PNG, PCL, PostScript, or SVG formats; you have to reprocess it through GraphViz.

It doesn’t output any of the more standard publication formats (like PDF or Open Document) so it conflicts with the Book output requirements.

That means it lacks an option to do what you want via the GUI. But there is a messy manual workaround.

Most modules remember the last settings but don’t save them as named settings. But you COULD duplicate the settings file with a meaningful name… then restore another duplicate to the original filename later. You’ll find the various settings file in the Gramps subfolder of your Gramps User Directory.

As @emyoulation posted, the last settings used in any report is stored in the file report_options.xml in your user directory.

You can create multiple copies of this file each having the unique settings for each family. Then using safe file management, you can make the report_options.xml file for the desired family the active report_options.xml file.

Note: If no report_options.xml file exists, Gramps will create it anew. You can create a file that contains only the familyline_graph option for each family.

I know, messy but doable.

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