Having Problems with using the Descendants Lines in Graphical Reports

Having Problems with using the Descendants Lines in Graphical Reports.

I run the report and all it gives me a list of people. I was expecting lines and pictures — like a family tree.

Is there some setting I need to do to get that option.

Using Gramps 5.1.3-1
Windows 10 PRO

Which Output Format have you selected for this Report? I know ‘Print’ and OpenDocument Text do not include the graphing boxes.

Try the PDF format.

  • SVG document : (Scalable Vector Graphics) for display with a web browser or editing with a suitable graphics editor.
  • PostScript
  • OpenDocument Text (if you want to edit the report with Libreoffice/Openoffice)
  • PDF document
  • Print…

Strangely that is to be expected according to the usage section of the support page:

  • Note: That Document Options Filename: option will contain an empty file after the report is run.

The actual report will be output to the Destination: folder you select.

On the Report Options tab choose the output path for the Destination: $GRAMPSHOME/Descendants Lines.png(default).

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That is frustrating I can see another person had the same issue back in September! Is this because the addon is old needs to be updated to use the existing Document Options section at the bottom of the report?

thanks that was the issue I did not notice the Destination field and now I see the lines and pictures etc.