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I have just recently started to update my family tree in gramps. When I printed the Graphical Report for the Family Descendant Tree the information on individuals Birth, death and marriage did not populate. The first 2 generations the information was there but thereafter nothing. This has never been an issue before.

The Descendant Tree has the same issue.

Could it be my settings or the program? I’m using version 5.1.3 for an Imac

Suggestions would be appreciated


Are the details that you want shown specified on the display tab of the Descendant Tree dialog box? See the Gramps wiki.

Hello Peter

Thank you very much for showing me where my problem with my report was occurring.

The issue was in Report 2 in the Included Living People: line. The line had Full date but names removed. I changed the line to included and full data. The birth death and marriage information is now included.

Not sure how this line got changed.

Thank you for help.

John J

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