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When getting a chart report on descendants, I would like to display just the year of birth for the people still living even though the database contains the full birthday (year, month and day). Is there anyway to do this? The only way I have been able to do this is to create a duplicate database and remove the month and day from all the relevant names in the duplicate database.

The suggestion of stripping dates in the database rather than tweaking a report may have horrified people into muteness.

Please tell us which descendant chart report you are trying to simplify.

If it does not already have an option to specify a date format or use the Date format in Preferences, you should be able to tweak the report date formatting in the report definition.

I should have stated that I am new to Gramps and this is my first posting on this forum. The report that I am trying to print is - Reports → Graphical Reports → Descendant Tree …
I will now print it using the report options.
Thank you.

I meant I was horrified when envisioning the amount of manual labor that approach would entail. For those of us with tens of thousands of descendants, that sounded like days of work to get a single report.

However, noting that a year-only date format isn’t one of the date format options, that sounds like a reasonable enhancement to request.

As you mentioned, I found out that there is no option in the report to print only the year. How do I make an enhancement request?

Also in the Reports, is there a way to make a condition such as the change in format only apply to people who are still living?

Well, it’s software. So anything is possible. The Gramps framework is open and allows anyone willing to learn how to tweak the reports or design their own.

And it is easier to adapt an existing report if a feature just needs tweaking. In the case of an additional selection (like this Date format), it should be relatively easy to tweak a 3rd party add-on. (The modules are compact & easy to find with 3rd Party addons.) Although it is a bit harder to find the module with the Descendant Tree Report since it is built-in.

And someone else will have to speak towards conditional formatting. That is not something that I’ve seen in reports.

Either way, you can sign up for an account on the Gramps Bug Report and Feature Request system and submit your request there.

Thank you. I will sign up and make the request.

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