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Hello - I’m fairly new to Gramps but I am currently running a project to do the complete genealogy of a 150 year old community of relatives and I have so far collected data for about 1500 individuals ranging back to 1850. It is easier for my family members to understand and visualise relationships in the form of graphical reports on their phones so I export the data to PDF.

There are some individuals who have had multiple wives and descendants from each wife. I have so far found that the only graphical report that outputs this information is the Descendant Tree report. So far so good!

For certain individuals we record if they have married outside the community in the form of Notes.

Can anyone tell me how to print this note on the Descendant Tree Report? I am able to do this in the Family Tree Report but this works for a single spouse only :frowning:

Specifically, is there any substitution attribute to enter in the Descendant Display Format that will output a note?

Hi, I don’t think so. When I look in and there is no option to add notes.
So, you only can ask for a Feature Request, see

It looks like the substitution values $u and $t will display attribute and event information about a marriage. So one possibility might be to mark marriages outside of the community with some attribute, or use a custom event type.

Thank you for the suggestion, this gives me a work around.

Not sure what I can do with un-married persons who left the community though.

<< Not sure what I can do with un-married persons who left the community though. >>

Maybe you could mark those people with a personal attribute and use $a[attribute-name] to display it.

Thanks again! Tried the following - Added a custom fact “Status” with a note.

This appears as an attribute type “Identification Number” in GRAMPS with a value “Status”

to which the note is attached!

My front end to create the GEDCOM file is Webtrees…

Have submitted a feature request -

In case you’re not aware – you can create your own attribute name, for example “Status”, just by typing over “Identification Number”. Then for the value, you can enter “From Outside”. That way, you won’t need a note, unless there is other information you want to store there.

Thank you! That’s the trick and my problem is fixed now.

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