Inter-family marriages in text and graph reports?

[Gramps 5.1.4.-1 Windows 10]

I have a tree with many inter-family marriages (situations in which spouses are uncle and niece, or cousins, etc.) and I’m having a hard time finding a report model that shows it in a neat way.

I’ve already tried the Detailed Ancestral and Descendant text report models, but they have the same problem: they repeat the names of common family members (as if they were different persons), instead of showing them just once.
I haven’t explored other text models yet.

As for graphical report models, I’ve tried the Familiar Descendant Report, but it still looks confusing, because common persons are shown in different parts of the tree and no connection between their different “appearances” is provided (indicating they are the same person).

Has anybody faced a similar situation? Any suggestions about the most suitable report model in this case?

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If you use Graphs View plugin/addon and the Print feature, it should show each person just once, but havent tested it myself, so it might become messy looking, I just know it can do it.

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