Family Tree printout omits some marriages

I am on Gramps 5.1.5, W10 and have an excellent Family Tree printout of 6 generations. The printout includes occupation, birth, death and in some cases marriage.

But not all marriages are displayed.

I have checked one omitted event in detail and it looks exactly the same as another entry that actually appears.

Advice please.

The 1st thing to check is the “Event Role” for the Marriage.

Verify that that Role is “Family”, not “Unknown” or “Primary”. And that the marriage is in the Family, not the Person events.

Many thanks. I am in People and in the Husband’s entry. ‘Events’ is blue underlined and includes ‘Family - 1’. This has the name of the spouse. Below this is listed ‘Marriage’ and the Date, Place and the Main Participants (named husband and wife) are listed. The Role is Family. OK so far?

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Sounds right. The screen capture from the wiki should match to your description.

Which 6 generation printout are you troubleshooting? I’ve seen some reports that have more information where there’s extra room on the page.

I am in Reports/Graphical Reports/Family Tree.
In the 26 entries, a marriage is indicated in 5. I have not yet checked how many of the others are missing a marriage (may not have the info), but I am homing in on one that I know has the data.
My screen looks very similar to yours, tho under Family - 1, it it only just says Marriage, not Marriage Marriage of Garner, Lewis etc.

oops, just failed to upload screen print!
Also fail to get notifications of responses (my first go at the group discourse).

PS - apparently the screen print worked.
There is not a problem with space on the page, I am tracking a problem in 5th generation and there are two marriages notified in the 6th.

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The difference in the Description not being “Marriage, not Marriage Marriage of Garner, Lewis etc” is because there is a tool to populate that field with that data. (Which I recommend that you do not use. Better to have that be manually populated. Auto text should occur during report generation.)

Is that ReportsGraphical ReportsDescendant Tree or
Family Descendant Tree ?

Either way, there are a ton of options that can interact.

If any of the ‘Privacy’ or ‘Living’ filters were triggered, that might be the reason for data being omitted. So verify that privacy is not selected for the people & events. Plus that there is a death event (even one without an actual date) for both spouses. Alternatively, you can use the Report Options (2) tab to override and include Privacy marked & Living data.

Morning! Mmmmm, thanks for suggestions.
I am in Reports/Graphical Report/Family Tree not the two you ask about.
I cannot find the Privacy filter (checked Manual … ) but in the Family Tree/Content option I have un-ticked Protect private items with no improvement.
Both parties have a death event. And the father of Joseph (person under discussion) displays his own marriage without a death of either party.

Ahh. That Family Tree report is a 3rd Party Add-on.

It composites a lot of information to populate each box on the charts. That complicates troubleshooting. Is it possible that the affected person had multiple marriages?

The “probably alive” calculation has a lot of factors. Adding an explicit Death event just eliminates a potentially ambiguous situation. It simplifies troubleshooting privacy filtered data.

Thanks for pursuing this. Not sure how long this Family Tree program has been available. Quite a while back I even purchased Charting Companion as I could not master getting Reports/Graphical Reports/Ancestor Tree on to less than 16 pages … If that is possible please advise - or should I start a new question?

The header of the add-on gives some history. This one is commented pretty heavily… so it is easier than usual for a non-programmer to follow what is being done at each point.

You could look at it in its gramps51/plugins subfolder of your Gramps User Directory. But hotlinking the file in the GitHub repository is easier.

Eureka! Cracked it!
Reports/Graphical Reports/Family Tree, with 6 generations. In Content, if Print event data (dead person) is ‘Full date’ the printout fails to display ‘married on’ for 12 of the 17 couples.
If Print event data (dead person) is changed to ‘Full date and place’ all the stored marriage data are displayed. Bingo!

I like the Pedigree Gramplet for a compact listing.

That Gramplet does not Print. So I use the right-click context menu to to “select all” & “copy” so that it can be pasted into a MS Word document. Then I’ll pare the pedigree down to the part that interests a cousin. Then generate a PDF to eMail to them.

I do this so often that it made sense to add a custom paragraph style to my ‘normal’ stylesheet in Word. That style used the non-proportional Courier font (so that the indent spacing isn’t fouled up) and changes the paragraph leading to a fixed point size that is slightly less than the font point size (so that the text-based lines don’t have gaps between each line).

Curious, sounds like the we need a bit of troubleshooting in the logic differences between the “Full date” and the “Full date and place” options.

Were the omitted marriages without the date? Or the place?

There was a date but no place and no identification of what the date was, tho it was preceded by a symbol looking like two interlocking circles. At that time I did not realize it was actually the marriage date …