Need help generating a family tree!

Windows 10 64 bit

It’s been a while since I used this function of gramps.
After a recent format I installed the latest version, plus Graphviz and Inkscape.
First of all, I don’t remember which report I should select.
You can download part of an older export from the link below so you can tell me what to choose.

This is jpeg. I don’t see a selection for jpeg before extracting.
Also, I remember being able the set the thickness of lines and text.
Thing is, a few tries I made, I just get a blank page.
Please help!
Thank you,
Dionysis Boukouvalas

This looks to be the Family Lines Graph.

Menu >> Reports >> Graphs >> Family Lines Graph

I remember having to play around with the Paper Options setting using a custom size with large width and length to have a PDF (Graphviz) output viewable. There are several other output options.

It did look more familiar. It allowed me to save in jpeg format. When I click OK though, it says “Empty report - You did not specify anybody”. I didn’t get this before. I just had the top name of interested selected and that did the trick. I added that person in “People of interest” section but I got an empty jpeg.

I havent followed if its in the live version of the plugin or not yet, but the plugin/addon called “Graphs View” have already, or will have a button called “All connected” that you can use to see everyone.

It can become a mess in some trees tho, people have said but it highly depend how your tree looks like.

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