Report showing the parents of both the centre person and their spouse

Gramps 5.1.6 on Win 10

Is there a report that will create a graphical tree, in style of that produced by the ‘Descendant Lines’ graphical report, that can display both the parents of the centre person and the parents of the centre person’s spouse?


Yes, it would be nice if you could choose a Family as an alternative to a Person being the center of a Chart/Graph.

My workaround is to make a dummy/placeholder person as the offsping of a Relationship and make that placeholder the focal person of the diagram.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand how that helps.

Meanwhile, the nearest I can find to what I want is the ‘Family Lines Graph’ but that report will not let you limit the number of descendants to a value of less than 10. Plus I can’t get it to show any data, it’s only generating empty boxes when I choose SVG output.

You may find the Graph View addon helpful. When added it adds itself to the other graph views like Pedigree.

It is highly customizable and allows setting the number of generations both up and down. It works off of the active person and can be navigated by selecting another active person from within the view.

The view also has a Print icon to export the configured view out to a SVG file.

True enough. I was applying my Ascendants graph oriented workaround. You’d probably need to tweak the dataset for the report.

I tried some experiments … but no matter what options were selected, this report PDF just included a paginated text list of names. Sorry.

I do! By limiting the number of descendants to zero and using the ‘All connected’ button I get the view I was after, many thanks.

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