Dumping the options used to export a report from the UI

Is there a way to dump the options used to export a chart from the UI to support automating their generation from the CLI?

The are saved in .ini files in your Gramps user directory.

The report options/configurations are stored in an .xml file rather than as an .ini file. (Probably to facilitate including a particular Report’s options using the Books feature.)

The 3 XML files stored in the top level of the Gramps User Directory are:

  • recent-files-gramps.xml
  • report_options.xml
  • tool_options.xml

Got it. Yes. However, is it possible to feed these back into Gramps in order to regenerate reports with the same parameters for later versions of the data? There appears to be no references on the Internet, no Gramps command-line parameters, and no report options that suggest a method to do this.

See here. Is that what you mean?

Also, sorry, my earlier comment about .ini files was for the views and charts in the GUI, not the reports. Thanks @emyoulation for clarifying.

Repeating a configuration a Report is one purpose of the ‘Book’ feature.

The typical use is to create a collation of reports that you would want to run for versioning (as the same person’s data changes) over time or to create a standard packet of reports you want to generate for different people.

But it can be used to store a custom configuration of a single report. I just posted a question about customizing the text report “Detailed Descendant Book” to make a National Genealogical Society style report. It gets most of the way there with configuring options.

Saving a Named Book for each Report may be a worthwhile as a ‘Standard Practice’. Gramps remembers the last reconfiguration of options for each report. With the interaction of an extensive number of configuration options, it is easy to become lost during experimentation. But there’s no Reset to Default. So you could use Books as a way to create a ‘Restore Point’.

(No volunteer developer has pursued adding a Configuration Reset or something like a CSS Editor style GUI for configuration Restore Points. The Experimental CardView add-on has a 1st cut at a Configuration management system… but it is limited to configuring its set of Category view modes.)

Since none of the configuration items have an editing GUI, I currently have a (somewhat convoluted) workaround. It is to have a dummy person (named "Gramps \GENEALOGY') with a gallery of Media opjects that are various .ini and .xml configuration text files with Note 2ndry objects (organized by attaching to each Media object, not the dummy person) that are copies of those files. Since the OS has ‘helper applications’ configured to open those file types for editing, I can simply ‘View’ the Media object in the Gramps Gallery and the Helper Application will open the file. I can flush the entire contents of a configuration file (or just a chunk) to reset to defaults. Or use the Note as a scratchpad to overwrite the file contents or chunk. After saving the changes, it is necessary to restart Gramps since it is unclear when (or whether) Gramps reloads the edited Configuration file.

unless you restore a Gramps backup file in a new database, filters you may have defined could be lost, save them somewhere

Filters are always in $HOME/.gramps/gramps51/custom_filters.xml on linux

I don’t speak about filters themselves but their definition in Books. If you change the database, filters in books are probably not the one you choose initially in the previous db