Report printing all places

Slowly picking up as I go along…

I would like to print a report for ALL event places. Sounds simple, but a look through help files, tutorials etc has not revealed how to do it. Welcome any advice to achieve this. Thanks.

There is a Place Report

It is a Text report.

You can set a filter for the places or set a few selected places from within the options. If you want All Places, you can create a filter that selects Every Place.

Thank you. That is the report I have tried to use. I tried entering the country in the “Select Places individually” hoping it would work at the top level and print ALL places in the country. Alas it only worked for those places that only had the country (and no further down the line locations).

I will try constructing a filter (which I’ve never used before) to cover ALL locations in my tree.

Thank you for you prompt reply.

Well that was easy however, one more question arises now that I’ve built the filter.

Is there a “sort” option available? I need to sort on Country as the top level so that all locations are grouped by country.

Thanks for the second reply which came through while I discovered that Places enclosed will do just that. I very much appreciate your support.

Yes, the place record needs to be attached to an event to be included in the report.

Try the filter Places enclosed by another place. You can select a country (or any other place) and it will select those places under it with events attached. Check the Inclusive box to select that place itself.

I looked closer at the report I generated to test the filter.

Place records that return true for the filter but do not have event records are printed in the report.

I chose Australia for my test (yes I checked your profile). When I was working on setting up those places with events I had in Australia, I included all the States/Territories for Australia regardless if I did not yet have any events happening there.

I did this for the Northern Territory. It shows in the report with no events.

Thanks Dave - you’re a Champion!

I’m on a roll now and created filters (inclusive) of all the countries in my Tree. Works as designed and giving me exactly what I was after. I’m on my third country with the printer running overtime. Very happy with this.

I just need to spend more time (we are in lockdown so have plenty of that) to dig deeper into this amazing resource - Gramps :slight_smile:

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