Add "Exclude locked entities" checkbox to the Descendant Book text reporting

I need generate Descendant Book report but without locked persons. Is it possible to implement this? Thanks.

You can excludes private persons from report adding a filter to exclude them. Your filter must just select what people you want

Could you show or describe a bit what filter do you mean? Before I want use the Descendant Book report service, I have ability to configure some options, but I dont see any filters here (see the screenshot above). So, what filter do you mean? Thanks

The first field is a Person filter field

So if you define a person filter to eliminate private person records, your report will not show them anymore.

I’m not in front of gramps but I’m sure there are examples of these filters on this Discourse

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The filters list doesnt have option about private persons excluding. Is your options list longer than my? Thanks.

I don’t know what you are showing, I can’t read Cyrillic, I suppose this is 4 filters you have already created.

To do what you want you have to create a filter to get what you are looking for (I suppose it already exists in the previous four), another to find non private persons (a filter to find private person records with the reverse filter checkbox checked) and a third to combine both previous whith both filters match option selected. You have to do that in filter editor in Person view.

Then in the report select the third filter. Your report will show you non private persons you want.

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Got it! I didnt know that I can use custom filters here.
Thanks a lot!

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