Place Description Filter/Editor?

Is there a way to change all instances of a place?
from: Co., NY
to: County, New York

Maybe try the Place Cleanup Gramplet ?

Event records are linked up with a specific place record. Open any place record and the References tab will display all other records that record is linked with (Events and other Places through the Enclosed by tab).

Any edit you make to the place record will make the change to all instances in its References list.

Looking to change all non-related instances of “Co., NY” to “County, New York” at once.
From To
Salisbury, Herkimer Co., NY Salisbury, Herkimer County, New York
Wyoming, Wyoming Co., NY Wyoming, Wyoming County, New York
Yates, Orleans Co., NY Yates, Orleans County, New York
Yates Co., NY Yates County, New York

Have you tried a CSV export of the Place view for ‘County’ place types enclosed by NY ?

Then do a search & replace followed by an import?

Try it in the example.gramps first!

By the way, rules of grammar change but camel case used to be reserved for proper official names. So I would use lower case for the ‘county’… just as I do with ‘township’ or ‘borough’.

So, newspapers in the 20’s would have been more likely to publish an address as “157 Denizen avenue, Yates, Orleans county, New York state”

Can modify the gedcom file also and then read back in, but was hoping to make the changes inside Gramps.

If you were to modify an export file, do it on an uncompressed gramps XML file. Gramps would have less to “think about” with what you would import back in .

And no, there is no easy way to batch edit the Name field within Gramps.You could set the filter to select just County (type) with the Enclosed By to the state. Then select multiple records of these County records and then right-click edit. A stack of the records will open then you can replace “Co” with “County” in each record. This method only really works when you are doing the same limited edit to each record.

But before you make all these edits, there will be an upgrade to place records in the next major Gramps release. One of the changes will be the ability to set an abbreviation or substitution for the record. I hope to be able to set “Herkimer County” as a substitution for the “Herkimer Co” record. If the place is Salisbury, Herkimer Co, New York, that is how it would display. But if all I know about the event’s place is Herkimer Co, the place event would display as “Herkimer County, New York”. The moral of this tale, I am not making any major edits to my place database until this new version is released.

Thanks for the information about the coming update, the tool is extremely powerful and very well done. I have added Family Tree Analyzer to my genealogy toolkit as it does a great job checking for possible issues (especially dates), in a gedcom file. Also it can check for duplicates on a large gedcom file in a fairly short amount of time.

It’s easy, just use hierarchy view, create your hierarchy and merge any occurance, then when finished, rename it.

The Place Update Gramplet can help with the job

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