Onboarding a new Gramps dev

There have been some great projects being suggested for Gramps. Like the Heat Map suggested in another thread of his forum or the Timeline variants.

They are perfect opportunities for Gramplets. They don’t impinge on the project by requiring design changes in the main code. And they are mere exercises in data filtering & graphing.

It seems like they would be excellent class projects for students except for one thing… the Gramps learning curve. There is just too much to swallow before a person can become productive.

Nick had called for volunteers to sponsor Summer of Code interns earlier this year. The call fell flat.

I think the reason no one stepped up is because we have no onboarding process to make such short term projects viable.

The amount foundation material that a person has to collate, wade through, & absorb is daunting. (It is even more imposing for the Mac or Win coding hobbyist. The docs all assume Linux toolbox knowledge. And every piece of tech documentation seems to digress into configuring the Linux coding environment.)

It seems as though Gramps could be a great classroom project platform. For Genetics classes, programming classes, systems integration classes, graphics classes, statics classes, database applications classes, search optimization classes, web presentation classes… The possibilities are endless.

The benefit to the Gramps community would be an explosion of add-ons.

But, to make it attractive, an educator needs to look a Gramps and determine what is needed to make an existing Python coder productive in 15 minutes. Then create a lesson plan for a quick coding project.

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