Gramplet forTime Line?

Following the reading of an article in the French blog “Auprés de nos roots” written by Ms. Elise Lenoble:

I ask myself the following question:
Is there a gramplet that is capable of establishing a relatively dense lifeline for an individual compared to his close relatives (father, mother, brothers and sisters, children …)
It happens that it helps to solve some questions about places, dates, etc.
I found 2
Time Graph of the Combined Relation View: Addon:CombinedView - Gramps but the exploration perimeter is restricted
Time Graph of the Gramplet Express Report: Addon:Timeline Quickview - Gramps the perimeter is larger but the interpretation
of the result is sometimes ambiguous because description of the event is not related and the role of the people involved
There may be other methods to produce it because I am far from knowing all the resources of Gramps ?? or others
Thanks for your suggestions
Brévard Jean-Claude
French User
Linux Mint KDE 18 Sarah
Gramps 5.1.3


I don’t know about Gramps… I have never seen anything like that in Gramps…

But if you need an open source timeline tool that can do that and more…
Test out The Timeline Project.

Sadly you need to do it manually or create a converter script that create a file in the format of the project, because there are no import functions in it… else, its an advanced tool…

Thank you for this link to the TimeLine project
I think I misdirected the topic of this thread
because the 2 gramplets mentioned above are not far from carrying out “the work”
I am especially thinking of the “TimeLIne Quickview” express report which would require 2 additional information for a better interpretation:

  • Description of events to show in particular the profession, personalized events ,
  • The role (or simple typographical convention as Nick Hall does) to differentiate, for example, if the active person gets married or if he is a witness to the marriage of a relative.
    For the moment, it is necessary to bring together different views to remove the doubt,
    Simple suggestion but overall satisfied,
    I do not know how to redirect this subject or even close it if necessary
    Thank you
    Attached is a concrete case where I have compared the individual file, Time graph of the Combined view and the express report with color code for each event of the active person
    Hope this is understandable

I did understand what you was explaining, no problem with that…

Reason for me mention The Timeline Project was just because I don’t think its possible to do it in Gramps at this moment…

I agree that this would be a great feature in Gramps, I use both Aeon Timeline an TTP actively to create this kind of timelines for nearly all my research…
I think a real graphical timeline that are configurable are one of the best historical research tool that exist… when its possible to define who and what to show.

I have used it extensively to figure out if and when two names could be the same person by adding all the Events for each finding of the name and color code the individual person…
Or when I find multiple candidates for parents, siblings, or partners…

At the moment I have one use case where I am trying to figure out if one of my GGF actually could have been in a place in a given year, because I have found a Child where a person with his name, his occupation and with his hometown is named as the father, but he was not married with the mother of the child… and I have not one other record that tells me he was in the area at the given time… but I know he was somewhere else both before and after… so, with a graphical timeline, I can by adding approximately travel times, known whereabouts and the periods of time for where his other children where at the time, maybe piece together if hi actually could have been there, or if the woman could have been at the same place as him…

It would have been great to be able to piece all this together in Gramps, specially if we also could have added this timelines to the map module.

I also use Palladio for this type of research, and at the moment I am looking at Constellation because it has a kind of timeline module and a map module…

Research tool vs. Registration of facts tool…

Thank you for all these indications on these third-party software
But not being very familiar with computers, this will require substantial learning
I was thinking of a simpler thing like this chronology generated by GENEANET (based on the genweb software) which hosts the tree relating to the individual mentioned above:

It looks like an extension of the NicK Hall Combined View Gramplet Time Graph
But can it be hard to code?

Nick asked users about the Timeline in the Combined View over on the mailing lists.

I would not expect the current version of the Timeline to be the end of its development.

Yes, using other software in addition will generate some work of learning to use them…
There are one Windows Software that reads gedcom files that is “easy to use”, but it’s not open source and only windows… Progeny Genlines

The timeline project software are not hard to learn, but some effort are needed…

Again, I really would like to see this kind of feature in Gramps, so my answers are just tips to how you can do it today, with software that support historical dates…

I agree with Dave, I do think there will be future releases of the gramplet with more functionality…
But until then it might be that you either must wait or use another software in addition to Gramps…

Bonjour @bjc49 :wink:

I’ve seen this FFG video about real estate history. The presenter uses web site to build her timelines. I haven’t tried it but seems to look like The Timeline Project app.

Thank you for any links and suggestions given to me
But I think I’ll wait for the future version of Nick Hall’s Combined Relation View Time Graph as DaveSch indicates
Because I preferred tools to integrate into Gramps and I have no doubt that they will exist

Nick asked users about the Timeline in the Combined View over on the mailing lists .

I would not expect the current version of the Timeline to be the end of its development.

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