Mobile stylesheet for Discourse postings

A recent posting with indents illustrated a drawback of the current stylesheet.

It looks like indents are mirrored left & right. This really causes a serious text wrapping constriction for narrow mobile displays.

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What do the Discourse developers say have you reported it?

Found there was a patch last year for a similar issue on margin padding that affected adverts. But not a similar one about affecting content.

Posted an inquiry.

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@gramps-project There’s a follow-up response to the above inquiry with some CSS mods suggested. (Reducing the indent step size & the right margin.)

Could you give it a try?

I have added the suggested custom css to the mobile stylesheets.

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That definitely helped (see the re-styled problem posting )

The right margin still narrows the available space… (did the right margin get commented out, à la “//padding-right: 40px;” ?) but it is readable now.

Yes. We are using:

.cooked ul[dir="ltr"] {
    //padding-right: 40px;
    padding-left: 15px;

Shall I try setting padding-right to 0px?

In that case, we might be getting bitten by the ‘cascading’ part of CSS.

How about trying to set it to 10px or 15px? It’s always harder to be assured is something is happening when using a zero parameter.

OK. I have set both the left and right padding to 15px.

Looks better still.