Default Discourse behaviors have changed

I’ve been frustrated that certain behaviors have changed in Discourse recently.

A while back, the indicators for recent unread postings became more hidden. Discourse formerly showed them bold faced and overlaid with blue-dotted superscript counts of unread messages.

That original notification behavior is now a preference. And it is deselected by default.

Also, suddenly the message editor on mobile devices is coming up with a split screen editor and preview. That’s fine for the large screen of a desktop, but not a mobile device.

With the virtual keyboard, it leaves about 30 characters of typing space, scrolls with great difficulty and hides the button to submit the edit under the virtual keyboard.

Our hosting was upgraded to Discourse v3.2 recently.

Maybe there is something in the release notes:

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According to information in the html-source text, this forum runs with the 3.3.0-beta.

Just the last days, this was a topic with an admin of another discourse based forum regarding the automatic dark mode (based on settings in the browser or operating system) without being logged in. He said the currently stable version 3.2 would not support this yet. But in the Gramps forum, I already get the dark surface displayed without LogIn. Since I don’t realy know what was already functional, I’d look at it as a corresponding sign.


Yes. It looks like we are running on 3.3.0-beta1-dev. Well spotted!

Their support community suggested that the Discourse preferences somehow changed. The mode became set to Desktop instead of Mobile.

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