Glitch in Discourse mobile CSS?

I am experiencing a problem with the Gramps Discourse GUI and do not have the necessary information to post a question [posted] in their forum or file a bug report. The problem might be unique to our configuration. Or it might be my mobile device.

on a New Topic only, The white “plus” (+) symbol from the Create topic button is transposing itself into the text editor when the mobile onscreen keyboard slides up for use.

This results in posting prematurely when trying to place the insert point in the upper left.

This has affected my use for an indeterminate period. The problem was a fairly well masked element in the GUI. It only become obvious when I put in some Blocks (,graphic character ASCII CODE 219 :█ HTML entity : █) to troubleshoot.

I have been experiencing some other recent problems in the mobile CSS:

  • The Preview while editing a Post has become inaccessible
  • Some pop-up dialogs now have their origin off-screen to the left and that context has become inaccessible.
  • You’ll note on the scree capture that I can only see 2 lines of the editing box but the box height extends below the virtual keyboard. This means when typing the 3rd line. I am typing blind.
  • As a design feedback, why is the Title, Section pop-up + Optional tags button burning SOOOO much screen space that could be used for the text editor???

I am using a Motorola Z4 with Android 9.

I just uninstalled the Discourse helper app. (I was hesitant because I did not recall from 2 years ago how the App was propagated. It was offered when the browser visited )

It appears that the screen size or origin became corrupted?

Nope. It STILL exists. The problem only affects the New Topic page.

Discovered 2 issues:

  1. the App had toggled out of Mobile View into Desktop View. (This setting persists even when in the Discourse Safe Mode : )
  2. Unlike the manufacturer forum, the 3 header elements of the New Topic dialog on our Gramps Discourse forum have spaces between them. This facilitates line breaks, making the header 3 lines tall instead of 1.