Discourse app wonkiness

I’m using the ‘276’ version of the Gramps Discourse app for Android and experiencing some odd behavior. Looking for diagnostic suggestions.

The first thing is that I cannot determine what app to search for on the Google Play app store to determine if there is an update available. The when I go to the app details in the info, only a “try again” screen appears:

The version in the info says 276… which does not correspond to the dot delimited (x.y.z) versioning format of the regular Discourse app shown on the Google Play store.

The reason I began looking for updates is that the Gramp app is my only Android app that consistently interprets “touch” (activate) action on the inactive app as a “drag-up” (close) action. (I switch between Discourse & Chrome constantly while composing replies on the forum. It is necessary to surf for URLs to hotlink. But this means I have to continually re-launch the app and re-locate my draft message.) It is weird behavior.

I recently installed it on a tablet. I did not initially go through Google Play. I brought up the Gramps Discourse in the browser. It told me the app was available. My app info says it is version 17.

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