Is it time to stop calling the Discourse Forum a "trial"

Can we now recommend this Discourse Forum as the “official” 1st channel of support?

It would be nice to eliminate the “Trial” from the Contact wiki page. It worries prospective users unnecessarily.

Yes, I agree that it would be good to formalise this.

The contact page at the Gramps website gives prominence to the mailing list.
The Gramps subreddit provides links to the mailing lists, but not to this Discourse forum. (I realise Reddit is a different entity, and the subreddit may not be controlled by Gramps devs.)

@hewettp You might want to clear your browser cache as on reddit and the Gramps contact page that’s not what I’m seeing. @emyoulation Also the wiki looks to have been edited to remove the word trial.

I removed 1 of the ‘trial’ instances on the wiki contact page because it was redundant. Dave has since removed the other. (The Wordpress contact page doesn’t have ‘trial’.) The repeated use felt like a warning against using the forum.

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