Shouldn't we add a link to Discourse on the wiki? The Community link doesn't do that

I was a bit lazy today, so instead of typing the URL for this site, I went to the Wiki, and clicked on Community. And from there, I expected to be sent to Discourse, but I found this page:

And no matter where I looked, I found no link to Discourse. All links point to other sections on the main site, or the wiki, so IMO, it doesn’t really work.

I checked the other language pages too, as far as I could understand them, or could check the links in the usual way, and they have no link to Discourse either.

NOTE: The Italian community page has one link to a comunità, which actually leads to a get rich quick scam. When I click that, and ignore the warnings given by uBlock, I see a fake news article from a Dutch newspaper.

Look in the Contact page rather than the Community page.

OK, that solves it for me, and with that in place, I suggest that we remove the Community link.

Does that make sense to you?

Note to self: The Forum section (Discourse, Facebook, etc.) does not exist in the Dutch version.

And to others: Some of the other languages have no Forum section either.

This was pointing at frapper dot com (a Google map based service for creating opt-in Pins identifying community users around the world) that failed in 2010.

Changed to point to the Italian translation of the Contact page

Adjusted the reduction in estimated Maillist traffic levels in all Contact pages. It has dropped since about a year after the Discourse was brought online.

Inserted a “Forum” section (in English) to any Contact page where it was missing. (Since this will notify the translators to a change in their page which spurs translation.)

Inserted a link to the Contact page

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Just in case that I may find time to do that translation for Dutch …

Is there a translation tool that understands wiki markup, and leaves the links alone?

I’m not aware of one… but I rarely have to translate since the web is predominately in English.

When working on the Isotammi translations, I just did a paragraph at a time using Google Translate & moving the links manually.

OK, got it. I thought that you knew a few things about on-line translations, but that was most probably for the UI, not the wiki, so I asked Chat GPT, and it gave me a nice text in Dutch, which I pasted to the wiki right away.

And as far as I’m concerned, the Community pages can still be removed from the wiki, because they’re much smaller, and redundant.

So this one’s for @Nick-Hall : would you mind deleting the Community link and the linked pages?

I suspect that MediaWiki Portals might be like an advanced feature in Gramps: something that would add power to our workflow if we had realized it was there and understood how to leverage it.

There a serveral portals defined in our wiki. The Developer portal has more data in it than the Community portal.

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