Is the Gramps Discourse app for Android a WebView?

I am having some problems with the Gramps Discourse App that downloaded to my Android phone a couple years ago.

Where did this app originate? The app info tells me nothing & Google Play Store doesn’t have it listed.

Is it a Webview/PWA layered on the website? Who created it?

The specific problem is:
somehow, the Gesture Sensitivity for Swipe-up has been overridden to FAR too high.

Almost every touch in the App Switch is interpreted as a Swipe-up (close application). I have to remember to use touch&hold when switching back to Gramps on my Android phone. (All other apps have normal sensitivity. So this must be a Gesture preference override during the app’s OS initialization.)

If it is the “DiscourseHub” App made by “Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.” then I believe you can find support either on the Google Play entry as feedback or possibly by posting a question and tagging with “discourse_hub” ?

That’s the first part of the problem. The App has no identifying mark or contact info.

Try Long-pressing the app icon, then tap either the “i” icon or the “App Info” button on the popup. Then in the “Advanced” section scroll down to the “Store” section and press “App details” take a screenshot of the result if possible as it should show, this will only work if this is actually an App or possibly just a shortcut to the discourse forum seeing as the icon is “Gramps” logo?

I tried that before. And the Play Store complains on the App details with the following dialog:

I finally decided to Uninstall & re-discover how it was installed in the first place… 2 1/2 years ago.

Chrome had an extra menu item when the App was removed:

The installer is no more helpful in identifying the origin. But it’s not available to install via the Play Store.

The version on reinstall increased (?) from 50 to 1. (I’m thinking I missed a nearly invisible decimal. So the old one was probably a .50 version.)

After re-installing, the original problem with the Swipe-up gesture sensitivity is resolved. So that question can be put aside.

But this unidentified App associated with the Gramps project should identified. It still needs to be properly documented in the Wiki.

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Ok; interesting so you’re correct this is provided by the Discourse software and is a Progressive web application (PWA) as you mentioned! So technically a shortcut to a Chrome browser instance that typically gives a worse experience than just using the Chrome browser directly, although improving with each release of Chrome!

Maybe uninstall and install and try the proper Android app I linked to earlier?

A few links for my reference:

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