Internet Saga report reading issue on Android

I created an internet saga report with gramps report menu . I used it on PC under windows and Mac without any issue. I tried to used it on Android tablet but it doesn’t work claiming that it don’t find the files . Any idea on how to set the report to have it running also on this platform ?

What is an “Internet Saga Report”? Maybe you are working in a translated version of Gramps?

Searching for it just comes up with a domain that looks like a phishing site

I’m using the standard gramps program downloaded from the gramps project site. The report menu make this feature available simple to use and provide files that can exchanged by email.

Please understand that we have to ask questions if an inquiry is unclear.

And a Report called “Internet Saga Report” does not exist in the default English version of of Gramps. Is your operating system running in a different language?

As a guess, I would suspect you are running the Reports → Web Pages → Narrated Web Site.

Once we a sure of that, we can move on to the next question: how are media paths set up in that report that is incompatible with Android. (Android is not a OS that is supported by Gramps. So its file-system will take some exploration.)

image folder paths for html pages for Windows are not directly compatible with Android.

However, according to Perplexity:

There are several tools available to convert a website into an Android-compatible format. One approach is to create an Android application from the website using Android Studio. Another option is to use online services or software, such as AppsGeyser, which allow you to convert a website to an Android app without coding. Additionally, there are tools like “File Converter” on Google Play that support converting files, images, and even web pages to various formats compatible with Android devices. These tools can help adapt website content, including files and image file paths, for use on Android devices.

Oups, sorry you’re right the correct english name is Narrated web site

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