Gramps Web DigitalOcean 1-click app

I managed to get Gramps Web approved as a “1-Click App” on DigitalOcean:

It means you can spin up a self-hosted Gramps Web instance with minimal manual configuration. Prices start at 6$ per month.

If someone wants to try this out, I would be happy about feedback concerning issues and/or success.

For documentation, see:


The documentation (both at the intro text of the “1-click app” and in the linked documentation article) is missing any mention of when/how the actual genealogy data is flowed into the droplet.

There ought to be mention of prepping an export (GEDCOM, .gramps compressed or .gramps XML) file or backup(?) file. Then an explicit statement of which step is where the file is imported/uploaded. Is it in the setup script?

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What reports covers blended families? A challenging case I have includes grandparents raising grandkids.

@emyoulation good point. It’s actually the same as step 3 and 4 of the Docker deployment, but this should be somehow unified/mentioned.

@Paffy Gramps Web uses Gramps as a library for processing genealogical data, so the data model and the reports are exactly the same. So I think this would be a question in the Help category.