Web based Gramps

I was interested in getting Gramps on the web, specifically using AWS.

I started with David Straub’s work, located at: https://github.com/DavidMStraub/gramps-webapp
He was working on getting a front-end web app running on a Raspberry PI with gramps back-end.

There is definitely potential here, but lots of work left.

I have been successful with getting David’s version onto an AWS EC2.

If other people were interested in developing a Web-based gramps, we could try to pull our resources together, and try to have more of a common back-log (if possible).
I would expect that if a web based gramps were developed, it could be hosted anywhere.

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It looks like it has not gotten much attention lately, but https://github.com/GenealogyCollective/gprime is a program that is designed to import Gramps XML, and allow web based access to a db running on a server.



Yeah looks like it’s been 3 years ago since last modified. I suppose the gramps interface has changed since then.

Appears there have been several attempts at a web based gramps and all have fallen by the wayside.


Doug Blank was the first developer to start work on a web application for Gramps. It was called Gramps Connect and originally used Django and then later Tornado as a python web framework. This was forked to become gPrime. It is compatible with v5.0, so should still work with current Gramps XML exports.

Brylie Christopher Oxley more recently revived interest in a web application which we called Gramps Online. He has Django experience and was investigating using a Neo4j graph database backend. This project is still in a prototype phase.

I am aware of a couple of other developers who have written web applications for Gramps. It would be good to co-ordinate efforts. As a practical suggestion, perhaps we could design a RESTful interface that could be used by all web applications?

David Straub implemented a restful API using the Flask framework. And then called the gramps API to access the database. That seemed like a good starting place.

Alot of the work would be the frontend javascript code to create a nice user experience.

But like you said, a robust restful API to the backend would be able to serve any number of frontend implementations.

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