Setting up a Gramps Web server without docker - getting a blank page

Gramps version: 5.1.5
Gramps Web Version: 3
Gramps API Version: 1.6.0

Hi - I’m trying to set up Gramps Web on an Ubunutu 23.10 server. I have many web based programs running as virtual hosts in apache2 and have never used docker, so I really do not want to run docker.

I have loaded Gramps, added Gramps Web to apache, and I think I hace loaded the API. When I run the gramps web server (https:///gramps) all I get is a blank page. I know it is reading thr index.html file, but not sure what it is supposed to do after that!

Any help would be appreciated.


Please look at the docker files, which are also just an Ubuntu within docker. Anyway, I definitely do not recommend setting everything up manually.

I have looked at the docker files, and will continue to. And I’ve heard the “just use docker” before… well, exclusively. That’s the point of my post.
I’d rather set it up manually than add docker just for gramps.

Thanks for the reply - but does anyone have a hint of an answer to the question about the blank page?

Of course you are very welcome to set everything up manually, but it is a lot of work and I suspect nobody in this forum has the time to give detailed advice on this activity. At least myself I’m already busy helping users having troubles with the “easier” and officially documented way. I don’t mean to be rude, just honest - if you have some specific questions I might be able to help, but please don’t expect a step by step guide.

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Understood and thanks. All I would like are some hints - no step by step.

I have a good deal of experience in certain areas, but not others.
I am great with Linux OSs, but I am not a programmer.

The specific question is this: Is index.html in gramps-web-main intended to be the launch point of grampsweb, and if so, where should it point from there?

More detail:
In the package gramps-web-main, there is an index.html file.
This file loads from apache2 on my server via the web, but displays a blank page.
Obviously I do not understand how grumps web is intended to run as I know nothing about docker, but normally an file would be the starting point of a web page and branch from there. It looks like it is meant to run config.js, but the page is blank.


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If you manage to get Gramps Web working without docker, perhaps you would document your experience to help others.

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If I do - I will as best I can.


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I’m interested too. I haven’t been able to run it on an apache server yet.
I have stopped working on this for now, but I will try as soon as possible.

I’ve gotten the login page, register page and the reset password page to load, but that’s it. I assume there is an initial config page or process, but I don’t know how to get that. I’m not sure where to set things like the sql database, URL base directory and stuff like that - it’s seems there are many files that are almost identical with some of those definition - so which one rules? Is it in URL root base, the .gramps/config, /app/*, or from the environment variables?

I’ll keep reading the docs…



Can you share what you have done.
Two people is better than one.

Did you add WSGI variable in your apache config ?
How did you generate the web_api ?
Did you modify some config files ? (config.cfg, database.txt, setting.ini, …)

What kind of error do you get ?

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I had a crash and need to start over - which is not a bad thing as sometimes it helps to start again from scratch.

I’ll get to it in the next few days.

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I’m quite new to Gramps and Grampsweb. I knew (know ?) virtually nothing about Docker and dreaded the idea of delving in to a new, to me, technology, at my stage (77). But, I dreaded even more the alternative.

Setting it up the docker way really was not that bad. Not pain free, not at all, but the level of docker knowledge I needed to gain seems rather minimal. From my current perspective of course.


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