Android version of Gramps?Tramps

I would like to see a version of Gramps that could be used on android devices. This would very useful for portability. Even a read only version would be useful.

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All for it +1

My work around at the moment is exporting to GEDCOM and use one the many GEDCOM apps on Android.

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  • 5694 Gramps app for iPad(iOS 5.1 iPad)/Android etc

Mention in User manual:

  • Does Gramps work on my mobile device? Short answer is no, Gramps cannot be installed on your Mobile Phone or tablet( Google Android or Apple iOS ) More technical answer is yes if you can install a version of Linux Operating systems on the mobile device along with all the support packages.

Have you tried using the Chrome Remote desktop app? I don’t have a tablet, but I have a Chromebook with a touchscreen, and using Remote Desktop I’m able to navigate within Gramps which is running on my desktop Mac. Of course I can use the mouse and keyboard as well, since it’s a Chromebook, but even using only the touch screen I can get around well enough for browsing purposes, so I imagine it might work that way on a tablet as well. (I also have Gramps installed as a Linux app on my Chromebook; I use that as my sandbox.)