Gramps Web for offline use?

Hello everyone,

I have tried Gramps Web as an installed Program via the Chrome install App feature on Win 10. I really like the interface and how it feels. Now I was wondering, is it possible to package Gramps Web to be a Desktop App that runs offline and syncs all changes as soon as the Internet connection is reestablished?

PS: I am aware of Gramps Web Sync.


Hello, yes I would be interested in that too.
I would also like to use Gramps Web but installing it on a Raspi or as a hosted web application is too complicated for me.
Can you explain how you did that in Chrome?

Hi Woody,

I didn’t run Gramps Web in Chrome. I meant that the Website ran in it’s own Window but it still needed an Internet connection and a Server to connect to an be usable.

Later I can post how I did, what I did in Chrome.
I used it when I was testing the Free Trail for

I tried to install a Gramps Web instance on a RPi 3 but I have not come very far yet.

OK, thanks. I can run my homepage with my hoster but Gramps web is really too complicated for me…

I keep hoping to find the energy to get a Raspberry Pi and run GrampsWeb as a local server for the more modern interface for browsing, while running Gramps for Desktops for the power tools and sync.

It would be nice to gain the experience to see if a Pi-Faced GrampsWeb would be powerful enough to be a portable Family Reunion tool. Or if that would require more power for that many simultaneous users.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Gramps Web Page. I used the for this example.

  2. Klick the “Install App” button.
    Gramps Web install 02

  3. You are Ready to go

Gramps Web install 04