Discourse change? Linking issue

Does something have been change on this Discourse ? Linking symbol is no more clickable or offer only few options, I’m no more able to copy the link

Works for me on MS Edge, what device/browser are you using which “share a link to this post” button are you pressing? FYI I find your image is too dark to read, could that be the problem also?

Is the Linking now available again and are more options now available?

This was a pasted image, not an uploaded from file nor a URL image.

I think Discourse takes some time to convert the uploads to an archived (and linkable) variant. (It seems to be a measure to combat link rot.) So it may take a day or 2 to be processed.

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Yes it’s okay now. Thanks

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The poor readability in dark mode was the issue of that posting. (It has been fixed now. Thanks Gary!)

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