Discourse intermittently demotes a URL referenced image from a rendered image to a link

One of my postings was just awarded a ‘popular link’ by Discourse today. But when checking that posting, it had nothing that should had remained links, just images posted by URL reference on the wiki: in https://gramps-project.org/wiki/images.

Discourse was pulling the add and share button image data from the gramps-project dot org domain rather than converting it to a local upload://

It showed the actual url as the hotlink:

And while writing this posting, the following link unpredictably showed the either the image or the URL when serving the example and quoted posting. And since there were 2 URLs with different follow counts of 50 & 46, it is certain that some visitors to the site aren’t getting the same experience as others. (In 8 visits to that posting, 2 had images, 6 showed linked URLs with ‘followed’ counts.)

Elsewhere in the thread, the URL is converted to
And rendered as

Sam Saffron replied:

This can happen for files such as:


If we can not access the file when we are trying to download it cause gramps-project.org blocked us temporarily.

Unfortunately, without knowing our server settings, he didn’t have any suggestions for giving their server higher prioity.

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