Discourse emails?

I haven’t gotten any emails from the Discourse groups lately; has something changed?

Mailing list mode has disappeared from the Discourse user preferences.

Saw a 5 day old reference to a thread from other Discourse users about it being gone. But my throttled connection isn’t letting me get to the info.

@Nick-Hall @gramps-project
An admin setting for Discourse has incorrectly reset itself. The above link was to a redundant thread. It refers to a solution in the following Discourse support forum thread:

I’ve set it back to what it was!

It was a deliberate choice by the Discourse project to reduce cost according to them:

This decision was not take lightly. It was based on extreme real world problems we saw where email costs for self hosters and other discourse installations went sky high.

We opted for a safer default, to keep costs down for people.

I’m guessing our freely provided Gramps Discourse is hopefully not the target of this change, and looks like they will be reviewing how changes to Discourse’s software default setting are made in the future?

Very appreciative of the free service they provide us as an open source project!



Thank you. Definitely share an appreciation of their hosting too.

There is no need to notify users to check settings. My previous setting (with the mailing list mode enabled) survived the cycling of that admin switch.

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