Possible recent CSS corruption/overwrite on wiki?


There seems to have been a CSS change (an overwrite or corruption) during the maintenance last weekend.

I do not recall switching my Appearance preferences from the default (Vector) stylesheet to ‘MonoBook’. (I find it necessary to use the footer’s Desktop/Mobile view hotlnk to flip between forcing those modes frequently for readability. That could be where the stylesheet changed.) I’ve reselected back to Vector.

But the window on the left shows a new change in the templates Category were the the code style in the Monobook stylesheet is mangled. (Apparently has fixed/locked font pointsize linespacing with extra leading on top. Causing whitespace to overlay and obscure part of the line above.) It is OK in the Vector CSS.

And for both stylesheets, the table of contents indents for numbered lists sudden increased in size from about a 1/4 inch to double that. Since the ToC goes to as many as 6 levels deep, that burns a lot of screen space.

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