Gramps Wiki causing headache due to bad fonts


I might be missing some font installed on my system, but today, when I went to the Gramps wiki to find out what report format would be ideal for me, I was welcomed with a web interface that was basically unreadable until I got to 200% magnification (or went to Firefox reading mode).

The font is so narrow that even at 200% the letters are barely 1px wide, make them gray and headache inducing on 100%.


It’s not how the wiki is supposed to look like, right? What fonts should I be having installed?

Looks fine to me

It looks to me that the wiki do not specify a specific font, it just says to use whatever sans-serif font that is the standard of your browser/system. (Look at the font-family property)

For reference, this is how it looks when a website do specify what specific font to use:



If I set the font for sans-serif to Liberation Sans, it looks a bit better, I think the problem is with the fact that the default font-weight for body is lighter. My original default sans-serif was rendered unreadable as that implements a very extremely light “lighter” mode.
It is much better with Liberation Sans, but I don’t really think that lighter font weight is a good choice for large walls of text what people need to read carefully.

Sounds like you were using a mobile device to visit the wiki.

I don’t care for the default “mobile view” theme (called Vector) either… mostly because it collapses the Tables of Contents. Agree that its font is too lightweight.

The ability to choose the Theme in the Appearance tab of Preferences is a reason to sign up for an account for the Wiki… even when you don’t intend to contribute edits to it.

You can also scroll to the footer of the page and choose the Desktop View.

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Try the MonoBook skin.

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