GUI font display in Windows 10

I wanted to update from Gramps 5.0.1 to 5.1.2 on Windows 10. After installation I noticed that the fonts in the GUI are bigger in size and are blurrier than in the older version. I had another install on a different machine having the same problem. I’ve tried to search on the internet for a solution, but I couldn’t find anything. Any ideas?


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Not sure if this is a bug or not. But you may be able to solve it yourself.

There is an addon Themes. It gets added to your Preferences options. With it you can select different fonts and sizes and overall Themes for the display.

See if this solves the issue.

If you do not have it installed go to the Third party addons management on the General tab of Preferences.

I recalled seeing a “blurry text” question asked before on the mailing list (finally found it) and we went through a number of diagnostics questions before finding the cause.

Their cause was that their particular computer did not have the point size that was selected in the font typeface family for the interface. So the OS was scaling the nearest size that was defined. The result was blurry.

Refer to that maillist thread for the other possibilities and correction technique.

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There are several possibilities for blurriness in Gramps.

  • font family scaling
  • font substitution
  • ClearType calibration
  • screen resolution preferences interaction
  • low vision accessibility setting interaction
  • icons that are in bitmap rather than SVG format
  • thumbnailed images
  • cached map tiles
  • PDF generation settings for embedded image DPI

It looks like we could use a general page on the wiki for it. But there are only 3 pages in the Troubleshooting category. That indicates the category is not easily found and under-utilized.

Where/how could we put such information so it could be found?

@Kazi ? Where did you search with expectation of finding an answer? (Maybe they could be the right spots for us to add wiki hyperlinks or an article.)

I knew I had seen it somewhere. It was not on the Bug list (or least I could not find it).

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Thanks for the help! I started to Google “Gramps gui font size” and similar phrases, and Google suggested this (irrelevant) page in the manual (why is deprecated as I see now, but it still ranks first):

Just two comments from an “average user” perspective (otherwise I’m an applied programmer, but obviously “average user” won’t read 500 pager manuals):

  • You may consider modifying your code if it results the same problem on two independent, plain Windows 10 systems, especially if it wasn’t the case in previous versions. “Average user” doesn’t know what is font rendering and doesn’t care for it.
  • You may consider adding to the main page of the wiki with at least 72pt red bold fonts “User manual”. “Average user” shouldn’t care for previous versions and translations. “Average user” may also find it useful to find a direct link to the latest user’s manual in the left Wiki menu.

Sorry for being overtly frank, but this is really how I feel.

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