Scaling issues with Gramps on high resolution display in Windows

So, I updated to 5.1.5 (from 5.1.3) today and got reminded that when installing Gramps standard, on 4k screen with scaling to 125%, Gramps looks fuzzy or blurry.
The fix is to go to the .exe in the compability tab, press change High DPI Settings and Select the override scaling behavor and set it to application.
The differences is larger for my eyes when using Gramps than it is on the images, but:
Here is without doing the fix:

This is after doing the fix

Is there anything Gramps can do so its not needed to manually do this? Like maybe some line of code or setting to tell windows to let the application (gramps) do the scaling? (because gramps do a good job when its set to force application to do it)
If so I might create a Mantis thing on it.

Most programs dont have this issue.

This Windoze issue was reported in 12473: “[wiki] Solution for blurry text on high DPI monitors” and the Font troubleshooting wiki page was updated to note the behavior. And a similar issue with retina hi-res displays on Apple products.

The Retina issue noted a high resolution patch in the GTK 3.1 library. (see Hi-DPI) So Gramps the issue would remain until Gramps switches over to an updated version of GTK.

Ah, I tried to search for that one, did find the mac one, but didnt find that one.

I have similar issue with multiple Java applications too, most often text that doesn’t scale at all on 4K monitors, for me the solution has been to use “System (Advanced)” in those cases, I have also found that to be a good setting for Gramps, but it is not that much of a difference that I have found… except that all the columns etc. change to really strange lengths when you switch between those settings.

This is a setting I have been using for many years, both for Gramps and other Python applications, but also for a lot of Java applications…

It also works for some older “C” applications that doesn’t have “scaling” at all built in…

Setting override scaling to Application works fine for gramps. How many other programs you experience with depens on what programs you use tho.
Dont have issue with most, exept installers, installers is often wrong but program itself is fine when done.

I really think what is missing is some code that tells Windows to let Gramps do the scaling or something, i dont know.

I agree with you, just wanted to say that it is not just Gramps that have this problem…

I use at least 5 different research applications with scaling problems on Windows 11 and 4K monitors

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