Wiki font color is too pale

Hi, I am new to gramps.

First, thanks for the great work!

Second, I have difficulties reading the Documentation wiki

I found this other topic where @TarsolyGer reports having solve the issue by setting the font to Liberation Sans. There, it is also discussed that the reason has to do with the fact the the page do not set the font family and the font-weight is set to “lighter”.

In my case, I do not have Liberation Sans installed, but Nimbus Sans worked OK.

Well, my petition to the wiki developers is to consider setting the family font and/or changing the font-weight to “normal”. This will make the visualization more consistent across different browsers/systems and avoid discouraging users that maybe are not savvy enough to start tinkering with their browser settings.

this screenshot is with font-weight: “normal”

Sorry, new users can only post one media file :slight_smile:

and this is with font-family: “Nimbus Sans, sans-serif”

Sorry, new users can only post one media file :slight_smile:


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Your Discourse account has been updated from “New” to “Basic”

If you create a MediaWiki account on the wiki site, you can choose a different theme (skin). I too found the lightweight font very tiresome to read. Choosing a different theme helped.

The Gramps-Project uses a host of different tools… including Discourse for this forum, MediaWiki and Sphinx for the documentation, MantisBT for issue reports, GitHub and SourceForge for development. And each has separate user management.

So if you decide to join the community and begin volunteering, you’re likely to need to create acounts in several tools.


Wow that was fast :slight_smile: thanks for your answer.

I just requested my wiki account.

Thanks for your help @emyoulation

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But a normal Gramp user shouldn’t have to ask for an account on the wiki to be able to read it???


Yup. This is a result of the evolving defaults for a MediaWiki installation. What their developers consider to be a “modern” appearance.

Our webmasters would not see the change in defaults (because they contribute to the wiki and it remembers their old preferences) and need feedback to ever know the appearance had changed. Of course, new users don’t know the previous appearance and don’t realize feedback is needed.

(This is similar to how preferences convey in Gramps between version. And has the same feedback failure point.)

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@daleathan just pointed out that a report was filed for the wiki in 2019.

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This is now a common issue across many websites
The constraints of working across platforms

  1. Mobile Phone
  2. Tablet
  3. Laptop
  4. PC (this being considered last it would seem)

Plus the vagaries of the designers aesthetic leaning anybody seen the latest incarnation of Ancestry which in my opinion is truly awful and poor use of a 27" monitor fortunately I do not own a “smart phone” so cannot comment on that.


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Anybody looked at

50% of the window taken up with trees and planks of wood meaning the font used for the text is just about unreadably small no wonder new users give up.

Not to mention having to scroll down several metres to look at Archives back to the year dot, sorry 2005.

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Yes the wordpress template is due a refresh as the current one ( 2010 Hello Gramps! wordpress theme by Jason Simanek was kindly provided by a volunteer back in 2010 and has been nursed along by myself when it breaks between upgrades as needed (Jason also provided the Mediawiki template in 2010). Background graphics provided by another volunteer (Zissis Papadopoulos ) in 2012 . For the first 5 years 2005 to 2010 the project used the default wordpress theme

Also note the project technically does not have a logo and currently uses a default pedigree icon and in the about box “Robert Allingham” …the Great-Grandfather of “Don Allingham” who created the Gramps Program is shown.

Volunteers are welcome to provide an updated wordpress theme and I will install :blush: .

Offers of a new logo much appreciated :+1:


I see that the font size is defined in px, its considered better practice for it to be rem or em. It in general scales poorly in a lot of ways. Well, it doesnt scale at all really. But I am guessing that also is because the old theme.

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